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About Us

Our team is results-driven and experienced Tradeout Producers and Brand Integration  Specialists.  We live and breathe Branded Entertainment. We have implemented a highly methodical system that enables us to provide you with a turnkey and profitable solution.  Our team is consistenly expanding; we currently have several Tradeout Producers, Rights & Clearances Supervisors and pivotal Strategic Partnerships.  We launched our proprietary Product Placement plan infused with Artificial Intelligence, called Plaiced.

Our work raises and saves Production Companies money, elevates the look of the content, provides a trackable ROI and ensures our clients are protected through our Rights Clearance process. 

We secure products from national and local brands to integrate within top-rated Television, Film and Digital content, while managing all related Rights Clearances. 

Kaaveh, the Founder and CEO, has over 20 years of experience specializing in Branded Entertainment and Tradeouts, primarily in top-rated Television series and Hollywood Films. He started this company because he saw the increasing value of content and the declining trajectory of traditional advertising. He understands the system and how to intelligently weave through bureaucratic lines for the benefit of everyone involved.

Our clients are mainly Television & Film Production Companies (Executive Producers, EIC’s, Producers, Prop Masters and Set Decorators), Broadcasters, Movie Studios, Streaming Platforms, Digital Content Creators and Brands. 


“Kaaveh and his Team of Tradeout Producers are the ultimate brand integration specialists. They are knowledgeable, relentless, experts in maintaining and managing relationships and consummate professionals."

Millan Curry-Sharples
Award Winning Producer, Thunderbird Entertainment
21 Years of Experience

We guarantee to provide relentless service. We stay on top of developments and have a forward mindset for our clients.

92,800 Minutes of Content

We are blessed to be playing a valuable role in our industry, while relishing the collective efforts of all Crew and Team members to help bring your concept to fruition.  

$62 Million Raised & Saved for Clients

We LOVE raising and saving you money, which enables you to invest back into the growth of your content and company.