Our Services

· Managing and Securing 'bartered' Tradeouts / Product Placement on behalf of Production Companies and top-rated Content Creators in TV, Film and Digital.  

· Managing and Securing Paid Product Placement & Brand Integration deals within Television, Film and Digital.

· Managing and Securing Rights Clearances for the related Brands' intellectual property; logos, images, names, likeness and products.  

· Branded Entertainment Consultant at any stage from Development to Distribution. We will create a strategic plan and execute it to provide you with data, revenue or both depending on your objectives.

Your Benefits At Each Stage

Our team is ready to work with you at any stage between Development and Distribution, however the earlier you contract us, the higher your ROI.  

· In Development, we increase your percentage of obtaining a greenlight by providing you with a data-driven, comprehensive Branded Entertainment plan to include with your treatment. 

· During Pilot, Pre-Production and Production, we manage and secure bartered Tradeouts and Paid Product Placement/Brand Integration and Rights Clearances. 

· Post-Production, We secure any last-minute Rights Clearance requests, and we collaborate with Post-Production in order to ensure the Brand expectations have been satisfied.  

· Distribution, We will manage and execute methods to increase distribution revenue via structuring brand partnerships within your top tier distribution territories.