Our Vision is to make Social & Emotional Learning curriculum 

mandatory in North America to help improve the Mental Health of Children.

Social Responsibility

We created this platform, during the pandemic, called Witz & Marbles, to aggregate engaging and interactive Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) programs for children. The SEL curriculums have been created by our Advisors based on the framework from the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL).  Our collaborative partners run the day to day operations of this business.

Our PurposeTo provide Educators with a Social & Emotional Learning curriculum that is fun and interactive which improves the mental health of children.

Our Mission: To teach kids social skills, manage emotions, set positive goals, make responsible decisions and champion kindness.

Our Vision: To make the Social & Emotional Learning curriculum a mandatory course in schools across North America.

*In this picture, Tradeout Producers' Founder and CEO, Kaaveh is with his 5-Year-old Son Jaxson and their team, clearing out the warehouse to donate $20,000 worth of Mental Health Kits for Children.  They provided complimentary Kits to hundreds of Students and they are planning their next giveaway with virtual Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) tools for Children.   

The team at Witz & Marbles are currently collaborating with advocacy groups and School Districts to bring the vision of infusing SEL in the curriculum within every school across North America.